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Welcome to my web page. My name is George Wixon Jr. and I play pedal steel guitar. I purchased a Shobud Maverick some 30 years ago and learned to play "Steel Guitar Rag." I thought I sounded pretty good until I made the mistake of recording it one day and it sounded more like a steel guitar catastrophy. Well, back then about the only teaching material available was Winnie Winston's book. I think I tried "Red River Valley" for all of about a week and just barely got through it. Well, enough of this so I put the guitar back in it's case and it sat there for the next 30 years. About a year and a half ago for whatever reason I decided to take the Maverick out and try to learn. I still had the Winnie Winston book and started practicing and before long I got hooked.

Now books are fine to learn from but I have to be shown. Lets see, where to go from here. Gee, you've got a computer and you have an internet connection, Brainstorm, type in "pedal steel guitar" and do a search. The world of steel guitar just opened up and what a wonderful world (song title) so to speak of was all right there staring me right in the face.

A few more searches and I found Jefferan music and the site is full of video instruction courses. After getting the first course, "Up From The Top", (excellent course) I wanted a guitar that had the changes that the second and third parts of the course showed how to use. I thought about adding the knee levers to the Maverick and then figuered it would cost more to do that then to seek out a guitar. More searching on the web and lots to choose from. I knew of the Shobud name but had no idea they went out of bussiness so that was out. At least I thought as you'll read later on. Well, I wonder if there are any forums out there? A few more searches and Bob's Steel Guitar Forum comes up.

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This is great and so much info to digest. After numerous readings of different posts and looking at price ranges as well and also knowing that in todays market, most all guitar manufacturers produce quality instruments, I decided to buy a Carter.

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I've created a page to help out anyone who needs it for connections to and from the computer soundcard.

Computer Connections For Recording:

Computer Recording Hookup

The following pages should help you out with both Band In A Box and Power Tracks Pro Audio. All pages have screen shots of what to expect when going through the various screens and setups as well as descriptions.

Power Tracks Pro Audio 7 & 10 Help Contents:

How To: Record with Power Tracks Pro

Power Tracks Pro Audio 9 Help Contents:

Changing A Midi To A Wav

Power Tracks Pro Audio 10 Help Contents:

Increase Or Decrease Time Between Audio And Midi
Changing Gain Of Audio Tracks

Band in a Box Help Contents:

How to: Create Band in a Box wav files
Creating a Rhythm Track
Adding Intro Measures
Changing Display To Number System
Adding A Tag
Changing The Substyle With A & B Boxes
Changing An Instrument
Automatic Chord Substitution
Entering A Melody
Changing The Count In
Slowing Down At A Measure
Resting At A Measure
Holding A Chord
Editing A Drum Pattern In A Style
Midi Conversion Via Band in a Box
Transposing Song To A New Key

Band in a Box Help Contents For BIAB 2004:

Pitch Correction And Harmony For Singing
Getting A Melody From A Midi File
Changing The Master Tuning
Using Sound Fonts

Band in a Box Help Contents For BIAB 2005:

Bringing In An Instrument From Another Style To The B Part Of The Current Style
Changing Styles Within A Song
Changing The Melody/Soloist By An Octave (Whole Song)
Changing The Melody/Soloist By An Octave (Portion Of The Song)
Creating Song Endings (With Sound Clips Of The Endings)
Creating A Style From A Midi File
Exporting A Song As A Midi
Creating 1st/2nd Endings And Codas

Band in a Box Help Contents For BIAB 2006:

Entering Triplets In Melody Notation
Entering Lyrics And Printing

Band in a Box Help Contents For BIAB 2008.5:

Editing Instrument Patterns In A Style

The Simple Things, Creating Folders And Placing Files In Them

Creating Folders
Placing Files In Folders
Copying Files From A CD\Floppy To Folders